Ecofest is a non-profit organization focusing on behavioural change in the event industry. We combine knowledge about circularity and sustainability with hands-on waste management at events.

Ecofest supports event organizers in implementing green measures. We analyse the current situation, present possible solutions and provide potential suppliers (e.g. reusable cups). There are possibilities within the whole range of environmental issues (waste, energy, catering, mobility, …). We have a special expertise in working with reusable cups and waste sorting.  Our main goal is to raise awareness and change the behaviour of event visitors, organizers and suppliers. We share our practical experience through workshops and lectures. 

Ecofest’s network is extensive, from events to government institutions and international contacts. We use our network to continue to share knowledge from the professional field. This way we can save on your operating costs and help with a more sustainable way of organizing.

See page ‘projects’ for our network within (event) organizations and institutions where we have given workshops and elaborated sustainable measures. We have gained international contacts through extensive research into innovation and, among other things, a study for OVAM into the effect of reusable crockery.

Organizations which achieve more with less! Ecofest non-profit wants to contribute to a greener world by making zero waste and environmentally friendly organizations possible. We do this by helping to achieve large-scale behavioral changes with regard to the environment and raw materials.

Ecofest vzw wants to realize its vision by gaining and sharing knowledge. Knowledge about material management, reducing energy consumption, innovative low-tech solutions to old problems. In short: how do you achieve more with less? Knowledge sharing is done through workable tips and tricks that help organizations get started with sustainability. We are an organization of thinkers and doers.