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Do you want to implement ecological measures within your organization or policy? Ecofest can work out the desired concept for you. We contact the parties involved and draw up a plan. For example, do you want to use less electricity or change behavior in your team / visitors? We help you avoid unnecessary costs and get started easily. Are you not yet sure which measures will have the most impact on an ecological and economic level, and would you like to make a choice? Then we can perform an ecoscan.

Via the Ecofest checklist, we provide targeted advice on waste processing, reducing CO2 emissions, energy management and other opportunities for (environmental) profit. This also includes optimizing personnel deployment and advice for the right subcontractor. A diagnosis at the location (office, building or event site) and recommendations using an ‘impact for effort’ ranking afterwards provide a start for further measures and initiatives.

                                                                                    Our example for the ‘impact for effort’ rating.

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workshops and lectures
Tailor-made for sector federations, educational institutions and governments. How can your organization be made sustainable in an easy and pleasant way? We show how behavioral change can occur in your organization. The key here is “more with less”:  with less raw materials, energy and budget it is possible to make a profit, for you and the environment.

• “More with less” sessions
• “Sustainably organizing and communicating” lecture
• “Behavioral change” workshop (based on the 4E method)

waste management

Ecofest is very familiar with waste management at events. The different steps are:
• Structure and signage
• Contact point for waste collector
• Coordination clean-up crew during and after
• Permanent adjustment
• Recovery signage
To tackle this smoothly, we work with a waste plan, a waste manager and an ecoteam. In addition to the event site, the surrounding environment is also kept clean. We aim at maximum involvement of the public.

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