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Knowledge of materials, behavioral change, ecoscans, workshops, accounting.

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Waste management organization, expert reusable crockery, supplier network.

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Expert sustainable crockery.

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What a season! From the rain at Extrema Outdoor to the heat at Hear Hear and Pukkelpop. There is more need than ever for proper waste management at events. The right numbers of bins, containers, briefings, clean-up teams. But other areas are also evolving, such as the switch to reusable cups, material reuse, energy efficiency. Ecofest helps organisations with this.

Ecofest, expertise in sustainable organisation, since 2004.

October 2022 

Our services: Ecofest offers various services. We are an organisation of thinkers and doers. In our view, sustainable policies do not have to be high-tech, difficult or expensive.

01: Thinking:

Do you want to implement sustainable measures within your organisation or policy? Ecofest works out the desired concept for you. We then contact the parties involved and draw up a work plan. Our focus is always  behavioural change and workable solutions.

Do you want to use less electricity or change the behaviour of your team/visitors, for example? We help you avoid unnecessary costs and get started easily.

Are you still not sure which measures will have the most impact both ecological and economic, and would you like to make a choice? Then we can carry out an ecoscan for you.

02. Doing:

Ecofest is very familiar with waste management at events. The different steps in this are:

  • Set-up and signalisation
  • Point of contact waste collector
  • Cleaning up during and after
  • Evaluation including sorting results

To tackle this smoothly, a waste plan, a waste manager and an eco-team are used. Besides the event site, the surrounding area is also kept clean. Our approach aims to maximise audience engagement.

Want to see more? Then check out our work on Thé Dansant here.

03. Sharing:

Workshops and lectures tailored for sector federations, educational institutions and governments. How can your organisation make sustainability easy and enjoyable in practice? We show how behavioural change can occur within your organisation. Here, we discuss matters that can be easily applied to achieve more with less (raw materials, energy and budget). As a result, you and the environment can benefit.

  • More with less sessions
  • Lecture on sustainable organisation and communication
  • Workshop on behavioural change (based on the 4E method)

Yes, I want to get started concretely!

What is the 4E-method and how do we work with it? Find out more here.


Paradise City

Waste management, environmental consulting and innovations | since 2017 | 25.000 visitors

Guarantee full selective collection of all waste, cleaning during and after event.


Congress JCI – Food for Generations
Sustainability inspiration session | 2022

Online workshop on the topics of catering (no shows), mobility, waste, materials/design and behavioural change. Environmental checklist preparation, waste plan analysis and recommendations.


Environmental advice | since 2016 | 180.000 visitors

Quality control environmental management back stage & campsites.


Study reusable cups | 2021

With the new development around legislation, Ecofest has updated the 2017 study. This has included info sheets, roadmaps and a cost tool.

Find more of our projects here.

Suppliers- these firms and organisations will make your project more sustainable